Multiple Level Encrypted Data Back-ups or Transfers, to Cloud

4Tech’s secure storage data-centers are located in Quebec, Canada.

Protecting data loss is one of the most important aspects of your business’s IT related aspects. Make sure it is done right with 4Tech!

Disaster Recovery & Offsite/Onsite Backup

Industry Specific Compliance or Custom retention policies available

Ensuring the Continuity and Safety of Your Business

With recent technology advancements in cloud computing, server virtualization and automated processes, small- and medium-sized organizations can now benefit from the same data protection that Fortune 500 companies have enjoyed for decades. Your data is no less valuable. For a very reasonable cost, you can prevent a catastrophic loss of critical data with secure offsite backups. 4Tech can implement a true disaster recovery solution that provides you 24/7/365 monitoring assurance.

We ensure our clients have automated, server-level, consistent backups for all critical data. We keep an onsite copy for quick file restores and a second offsite backup copy in our secure data center in case of a disaster recovery event.

We backup your system by creating copies of data which are used to restore the original data after a loss. The critical aspect of backups is to recover the data in its operational format, which could be either a single file or an entire server. The two fundamental types of backups we can run in both physical and virtual environments are:

  • File Level Backups: Backing up individual files, or a set of files (folders), that are prepared for restoration by retrieving what is necessary only.
  • Image level Backups: The entire server or PC is prepared for restoration on a replacement platform. This would effectively “power on” the needed server in its operating format.

These backups can be performed as often as desired, but be aware of the impact to network performance while the backups are being written. All servers have different backup requirements.

Disaster recovery is the process of restoring continuous operations after a natural or human-induced disaster that disables your IT network infrastructure. Every situation is unique, so there are no universal approaches to disaster recovery. Our overriding goal is to maintain business continuity and ensure your data is safe and secure at all times.