High Speed Internet Services

New installation or change current internet provider for better, faster & more affordable monthly plans from 10 Mbps t0 10 Gig starting at $329 per month with 36 to 60 month term contracts.

4Tech and its partnerships with such providers as Fibrenoire & Telus, we can increases your data traffic capacity for everything with outstanding reliability. The fastest Internet in Canada buys you better productivity: upload and download large files in seconds and install the latest software in a minute. Voice over IP, Videoconference anywhere in the world and back up to the cloud. Whatever you need for business Internet now, or in the future, is available today.

Business at the SPEED-OF-LIGHT

Features Include:

Dedicated Circuit Internet Access: Access  up to 1Gig • 100% committed information rate • Full duplex • Symmetrical • Unlimited Upload/Download • Fixed IP addresses