Secure Remote Connection Solutions & Tools

With an increased need to have employees work remotely from home and connect to the company systems, 4Tech’s cyber security & networking experts use solution that are secure with a high level of end user support.

If your business has multiple locations, mobile users, or remote employees, a virtual private network will allow remote users to connect to your organization’s network and access network resources including files, printers, applications, backup services and more. Our team is experienced in designing, implementing, and providing technical support for many types of highly secure virtual private networks(VPN).

Video Conferencing & Remote Collaboration Tools

Microsoft 365 unlocks the modern ways of working. No matter if you’re working from home or if there’s an emergency while you’re away, you can have the peace of mind that you’ve got the tools to help you adapt from wherever you are. Whether you’re using a laptop or your mobile device, you can easily attend meetings online, share Office files, co-author in real time, and be productive from anywhere.

There is also a number of free community open source collaboration solutions but need a certain amount of service hours to setup and customize.

Collaborate with select peers

If you want others to edit with you, you can easily share files and collaborate with trusted peers for a fresh perspective. When you work together this way, only those select people can access and edit shared files. Later, you can always share to a team when you feel like it’s ready!

Collaborate as a team

Collaboration as a team means having as little friction as possible. You want to seamlessly build ideas, organize files, attend meetings, and collaborate with others. With Microsoft Teams, everyone can work together as one—it doesn’t matter if someone is working remotely or in a different time zone, you’ll get it done.

Start in the cloud

When you work with your files in OneDrive, you’ve got a foundation to share, edit together, and collaborate. No more emailing attachments, no more juggling multiple versions, and no longer restricted to your office computer.

  • Save your file to OneDrive and access it anywhere using the browser or office app.
  • Share a file from your OneDrive to specific people or use a link.

  • Rest easy your files are safe and secure.
  • Always have the most up-to-date version.

Start as a team

From home, the office, or across the globe, staying in the loop starts with Microsoft Teams. A team can be as formal or flexible as you need it to be. Create a team for everyone who shares the same manager, or create a team for a special project. With Microsoft Teams, you’ll have a central place in the cloud to store files, communicate, and collaborate.

  • All your team files, chats, and more in one place.
  • Confidently schedule and attend meetings online with anyone.
  • Securely work from anywhere with the Office and Microsoft Teams mobile apps.
  • Stay in sync and never worry about out-of-date files or multiple versions.

Share and present with Microsoft Teams

You can always add more people to your Microsoft Teams, such as reviewers to give final approval and feedback. Now that you’ve worked with your team and have a finished presentation, it’s time to get ready for the big conference. Using the calendar in Microsoft Teams, you can schedule a meeting online and easily share the link with others. This way, you can present at the conference and also present online for attendees who can’t make it in person.

  • Invite others to your team to give input or feedback.
  • Share files with stakeholders outside of your team.
  • Use Microsoft Teams to meet online, then screen share and present your work.