Hardware and Software Sales

Install Reliable Hardware and Software!

We do our best working with our global supply channels and distributors and can even help with your existing suppliers to make sure you are getting the best possible prices, try us for a quote to compare.

Companies purchase hardware, software and computer systems based upon initial price, not taking into account the extra costs incurred to maintain non-Tier-1 computer systems. High-quality Tier-1 equipment such as Lenovo servers and PCs, Cisco routers, switches, affordable PFsense based firewalls, and Microsoft Server and business products such as Office 365 have proven their reliability. We also offer endpoint security products such as Bitdefender. Our engineers have years of experience working with high-quality and high-reliability systems and can help you select the best equipment and software for your business.

4Tech is a reseller of thousands of IT products, some of the top brands we are certified to resell and install include: Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware,  & more.

At 4Tech we do extensive research & testing on the technology solutions we provide and recommend to our clients.