Smart Home for Remote Control of Lights & Plugs, Door Locks, & Inside Temperatures…

With advances and expansion of data communications via the internet many devices are being set forth into the marketplace that allow the remote control/management of homes and buildings. Some benefits of these devices are:

Benefits Include:

  • Managing all of your home devices from one place
  • Flexibility for new devices and appliances
  • Maximizing home security
  • Remote control of home functions
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved appliance functionality

Smart Hub or Speaker Setup

Have too many different controls for all your smart devices? Get one hub to rule them all! Have a Tech install your smart hub and consolidate all of your controls into one easy-to-use system.

Services Include:

  • Set up and configure one smart hub
  • Connect your smart home devices to your smart hub
  • Install and connect any associated mobile application
  • Demonstrate smart hub functionality

Smart Device Hook-up

Want a smarter home? We can’t teach it common core, but we can set up your smart devices! Whether you have smart lighting, a smart plug, or even a smart water leak detector, our Techs will get you connected and move your home to the head of the class!

Services Include:

  • Set up and configure your smart device
  • Connect the smart device to a mobile application or smart hub
  • Demonstrate proper smart device functionality

Video Doorbell Installation

Got a new video doorbell that you need to install? Put away those tools and let 4Tech handle it. We’ll get your device installed and connected to your Smart Home’s network so you can always be home.

Services Include:

  • Remove and inspect your current doorbell
  • Confirm compatibility
  • Install video doorbell
  • Connect to WIFI and perform first-time setup
  • Customize device preferences
  • Please note: A functioning doorbell is required at the installation area for hard-wired video doorbells